Marinade for pork and beef steaks

Σου άρεσε? Μοιράσου το!

The marinade for pork and beef steaks are constantly gaining ground in recent years to more gourmet choices consumers, but also to those who call themselves classical fans of a beautiful juicy steak. It is worth mentioning that, as people experiment more in the kitchen, the most complex and imaginative marinades for pork and beef steaks have made their appearance, exciting our imagination, but also our taste buds.

As an effect, now we are not only used to the classic marinade with olive oil, lemon and oregano that would join generations and generations, but even more interesting proposals and options, depending, of course, what each one likes best.

Special marinade for pork and beef steaks
A special marinade for pork and beef steaks, designed to help keep the meat tender and soft to retain its juices when cooked, is the avocado and kiwi. You can apply the meat with one of these two fruits, and leave in the fridge for about an hour. Afterwards, remove any pieces of fruit from the meat and cook it. The good thing with the use of the avocado is that it is a fruit – although many think it is a vegetable – rich in omega 3 oils. So applying it on the meat, you give it natural oils that are valuable to our body, without the need to use oil or butter.
marinade with drinks
A fairly common and delicious marinade for meat is beer and honey. You can mix honey in blond bear to stir, and with it cover your meat and leave it in the fridge during the night. The result will be a bit spicy, but the sweetness of honey will make your meat delicious.
For those who like marinade with wine, the options are many. You can make a wonderful marinade with red wine, fresh chopped tomato and pepper, and keep your beef for at least 5 hours in it, always in the refrigerator. The same marinade for pork steak requires the use of white wine, not red, since white meats are marinated and accompanied with white wine which does not cover their taste.

Furthermore, if you want something spicy and very tasty, a great marinade for pork and beef steaks is the marinade with brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and wostershire sauce. The result is sweet and sour, and if you also decide to accompany your meat with dried fruit, prunes and pineapple, you will be thrilled.
marinade with spices and herbs

If you’re the type of spices and herbs of the wonderful Greek earth, surely you can make great marinades for pork and beef steaks to make them even more delicious. Thyme along with oregano and fresh kolliandro mixed with olive oil is an excellent choice.
Also, you can mix different kinds of peppers and basil, and make a little marinade with olive oil and garlic, beating ingredients together to form a more thick mixture that resembles a homemade pesto. You can apply in on your meat and keep it in your refrigerator for a few hours.
Although marinades for pork and veal chops are many, it is important to improvise in your kitchen because you can discover flavors you might not have experienced before. Whatever marinade you make however, remember that salt comes in moderation before baking, because it squeezes the meat and prevents it from remaining tasty and juicy.